Welcome to Urban Rustic Barn Wood

Urban Rustic specialises in hand-crafted flooring, cladding and interior products made from reclaimed old barn wood. We are an eco-conscious company that is fully powered by our reclaimed wood off cuts and wood dust. This heats our spaces, hot water and runs our drying kiln.


'Vintage materials hold history and story in their fabric which gives every product its own unique character'.

We have our own saw mill and a full suite of machines for wood and metal so we can craft bespoke products from scratch. We create one-off pieces for retail customers and offer our full production service to trade customers who have designed their own collection or want our full design and making service to develop specific ranges for them.

We are passionate about the ways in which we can re-purpose materials from old barns, houses and agricultural spaces. Every structure has a story and the materials we reclaim from them are infused with history, soul and character from the 1900’s – 1970’s.
We reclaim and salvage oak, elm and pine timbers from different areas around us in Croatia, which gives us a wonderful variety of vintage materials which we make into flooring, cladding and sustainable furniture.
The desire for vintage materials has increased hugely in the past 8 years, adding that soulful character to retail, home and work spaces. Old wood has a seductive pull of bygone times and a lived history imbued in its fabric.
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barn wood table
reclaimed bed frame
Old Pine Cladding
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Carpenter Measuring Wood
Brick Tiles
Solid Oak Dining Table
reclaimed wood table
Old Green Window
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