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+385 91497 3800

Žukovec, 10342 Dubrava, Croatia

Tamara Violaris // Creative Director

Ljubomir Petraš // Director & Owner

Our Story

We are a British-Croatian business with production in inland Croatia, 35 minutes from the capital Zagreb.
URBAN RUSTIC was really born when Ljubo and Tamara met in 2012 and realised they shared a love of old barns and treasure hunting vintage objects. Tamara saw there was great potential to sell reclaimed wood to the UK market. It was an immediate success and our organically grown business, is now a consciously creative partnership.
URBAN RUSTIC was started by chance when Ljubo was asked by a neighbour if he could take down her old falling-down barn. He loved the experience of dismantling the building and reclaiming the old oak beams, barn cladding and bricks. Within a few months word had spread and Ljubo had taken down another 3 barns.
But now what...? What to do with the materials we had collected.
We have a passion for reclaiming, making and crafting an array of reclaimed flooring, cladding, furniture and interior products which are imbued with history and character.
We are made up of a team of makers, craftsmen, designers, innovators, restorers, engineers and reclaimers who have the skills and resources to produce our range of reclaimed products. We all love working with our hands to give old materials a new purpose.
We are treasure hunters and still have child-like excitement when we make our first visit to a barn, to find what materials and objects lay within its walls. 'Vintage materials hold history and story in there fabric which gives every product its own unique character'.
Our workshop and storage space is of course in our barn as we love the purity, functionality and simplicity of the structure, reminding us of bygone times and all the hand-skills and invention that has past through the generations here.
We both look forward to serving you and your business and forging long-term relationships with all our customers present and future. We aim to deliver you products of quality at a fair price, with an eco conscious mission and collaboration. Ljubo & Tamara